What Is a Trench Shoring System

During excavation, a trench shoring system provides safety for workers in a trench and speeds up excavation. In this case, trench shoring should not be confused with shielding. Trench shoring is designed to prevent collapse where shielding is only designed to protect workers when collapses occur. Concrete structures shoring, in this case also referred to as false work, provides temporary support until the concrete becomes hard and achieves the desired strength to support loads. Trench shoring system involves the process of bracing the walls of a trench to prevent collapse. The phrase can also be used as a noun to refer to the materials used in the process. Several methods can be used to shore up a trench. Hydraulic shoring is the use of hydraulic pistons that can be pumped outward until they press up against the trench walls. They are typically combined with steel plate or a special heavy plywood called Finform. Another method is called beam and plate, in which steel I-beams are driven into the ground and steel plates are slid in amongst them. A similar method that uses wood planks is called soldier boarding. Hydraulics tends to be faster and easier; the other methods tend to be used for longer term applications or larger excavations.

Trench Shoring System | Trench Boxes

Trench boxes are technically tested quality elements for the optimal trench and pipe laying works in depths between 1.25m and 6.0m. The differences in design and construction ensure that the most suitable box is selected and enable effective handling and unmatched economic output. The many compatible parts, like spindles and struts as well as extension bars make the usage even easier and delivery and assembling as quick as with no other box system. Rational thinking and acting are the important arguments for choosing one of our box systems. Used thousands of times on approved construction sites guaranteeing highest utilization and highest flexibility.

Trench Box can handle any ground pressure. With only a few parts – panels, spindles, bolts – a variety of economical ways to protect trench excavations against caving in during cable works, pipe laying, manholes etc. in no time are possible. Trench box is used at more sites in more countries than any other large area trench shoring equipment in use today. Trench box is the optimum solution for almost all soil conditions and project needs where boxes are use-able. Base and extension plates are produced in many sizes to meet all site conditions. The heavy duty reinforced top section and strong cutting edge guarantees long life and ensures ease of installation. This box offers both strength and versatility and makes working with larger pipes and culverts possible.